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2018 Recruitment

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1. Recruiting foreign trade manager 1 full time
Job requirements: 1. Bachelor degree or above, major in international trade;
                   2. More than 5 years of experience in the management of import and export operations, and work experience in related fields in foreign companies is a priority;
                   3, familiar with the import and export business processes, familiar with foreign trade import and export legal regulations, with trade management expertise and related skills;
                   4, with excellent English listening, speaking, reading, writing ability, familiar with the use of office software;
                   5, have excellent organizational management capabilities, good communication and negotiation skills, good sense of innovation, teamwork and service awareness, strong sense of responsibility, can often travel, customers visit reception, arrangements.
Responsibilities: 1. Organize the establishment of the Ministry of Trade, formulate departmental work plans and related budgets, and fully preside over the day-to-day management of the Ministry of Trade;
                   2. Formulate and plan import and export business processes, collect and analyze important industry information data, and actively develop domestic and foreign markets;
                   3. Responsible for signing bulk trade contracts and supervising the execution of contracts to handle related business matters;
                   4. Contact, liaison and maintenance of important customers;
                   5. Responsible for the evaluation, assessment, training, reward and punishment of the staff of the Ministry of Trade.
Work Location: Zhangdian District, Zibo City, Shandong Province.
Salary benefits: monthly salary before tax: 4,000 yuan - 8,000 yuan.
2, recruit foreign trade commissioner 3 full time
Responsibilities: 1. Use the company's foreign trade platforms such as Alibaba and exhibition to develop new customers and develop new markets;
                  2. Manage some old customers assigned by the company and maintain the orders of old customers;
                  3. Responsible for daily contact with customers, quotations, order negotiations, signing contracts, etc.;
                  4. Responsible for the production tracking, delivery, on-site monitoring, etc. of customer orders;
                  5. Responsible for follow-up work such as document review, customs declaration, settlement, and after-sales service;
                  6. Organize and archive related data of daily foreign trade business;
                  7. Reports on the work of foreign trade related businesses.
Job requirements: 1, 3, college degree or above, international trade, business English related majors;
                  2. More than one year of business operation experience in the field of trade, foreign companies work experience is preferred;
                  3, familiar with the trade operation process and related laws and regulations, with professional knowledge in the field of trade;
                  4, English reading and speaking ability, able to communicate smoothly with foreign customers, a good level of computer operations,;
                  5, has a good business development capabilities and business negotiation skills, public relations awareness, strong professionalism, team spirit and independent ability to deal with, and the courage to open up and innovation.
Educational requirements: College degree or above, between 20 and 40 years old, not limited to work experience.
Working time: 8 hours work system, rest on Sundays; holidays break according to national laws
Work Location: Linzi District, Zibo City, Shandong Province;
Salary system: 1. Monthly salary 3000-7000 yuan, pay five insurance, there are year-end awards;
                  2. Can provide accommodation.
3, recruiting assembly workers to weld 2 people
Job requirements: careful, smart, probationary period of 1900 yuan, after the trial period of 2100 yuan, wages rose with the length of service, academic qualifications, limited to women, will use a multimeter, understand the circuit priority recruitment, Changbai class 8 hours, Sunday rest. After signing a labor contract for one year, the company will pay five insurances and will not receive a subsidy of 300 yuan for the insurer.
Work Location: 3/F, Yihe Building, Intersection of Zhangdian Central Road and Zhongrun Avenue, Zibo

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