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CATV Trunk Amplifier

CATV Trunk Amplifier datasheet
1. Product Summary
CATV series amplifier mainly used in cable transmission system and it can offer high quality video transmission service.The equipment adopts surface mounting technology with elegant appearance and reliable performance.
The main component of bi-directional amplifier reverse path is modular structure. It’s flexible and convenient and it can be realized the bi-directional upgrade conveniently.
2. Performance Characteristic
-High-quality diplex filter, split points optional
-Forward amplifying circuit adopt two modules to enlarge. Low-noise push-pull amplifier module, make sure the noise indicator of equipment; later stage uses power doubler module.
-Adjustable attenuator and equalizer in forward and reverse path,equipped with two balancing attenuation adjustment, construction easier.
-RF test port in reverse path (-20dB).
-Two outputs, Changeable tap or splitter.
-High-reliability switching power supply.