ZiBo Shunv Optoelectronic Equipment Co., Ltd.

Single -port EDFA


1) power indicator: when the lamp is lit when the internal switching power supply.
    2) input optical power led: input optical power greater than -10dBm the lamp is lit.
    3) pump working status indicator: when the light is solid red light says pump not working, inside the machine parameters are normal; when the red light flashes, the machine is faulty, related reason for the failure to see the alarm on the display menu menu item; when the light is green light solid pump work properly.
    4) output optical power led: output optical power is greater than the +10dBm of the light
    5) 160x32 dot-matrix LCD display: use to display all parameters of the machine
    6) display settings menu to exit or cancel key.
    7) displays the Setup menu up or incremental key
    8) determines the display settings menu key
    9) pumped laser switch-key: used to control the working state pump lasers. "ON" pump laser opening, "OFF" indicates that the pump laser off. Equipment in power before key in "OFF" position, after device self test passed, according to display a prompt, key twist and turn to the "ON" position.