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8 Ports EYDFA

High-power 1550nm

1U EDFA High power 公司标

1) Power indicator: One switching power supply is working – yellow; two switching 
power supplies are working – green.
    2) Optical input power indicator:This light turns on when the optical input power is > -10dBm.
    3) Pump working status indicator: Red light means the pump is not working, but the machine parameters are normal; flashing red light means the machine has broken down, related fault reason see the alarm menu of the display menu; green light means the pump is working normal.
    4) Optical output power indicator: This light turns on when the optical output power is > +10dBm.
    5) 160×32 dot-matrix LCD screen: used to display all the parameters of the machine.
    6) Display the exit or cancel key of the setup menu.
    7) Display the up or increase key of the setup menu.
    8) Display the down or decrease key of the setup menu.
    9) Display the enter key of the setup menu.
    10) Optical signal output: This interface is the optical signal output port of the device. The default connector type is SC/APC; the port number is 4-32 optional. Other
specification requirements are specified by the customer. Warning: There is an invisible laser beam from this port while working normal. So the port should not be aligned to the human body or the naked eye to avoid accidental injury.
    11) Optical signal input: The default connector type is SC/APC. Other specification requirements are specified by the customer.
    12) Pump laser switching key: used to control the working status of pump laser. “ON” means the pump laser is open and “OFF” means the pump laser is closed. Ensure the key is on “OFF” position before power on. After passing self-test, rotate the key to “ON” position according to the displayed message.