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Directly Modulated

1550nm Directly Modulated Optical
Transmitter: SLT1550B

1550nm Direct Modulation Laser Transmitter 1

1.Install the transmitter in a steady place and verify that there is enough space for heat sinking at the back of transmitter.
2. Connect grounded terminal to the actual surface of the earth through a ground wire and ensure that ground resistance is no more than 4 ohms.
3. Make sure the ‘AC POWER’ switch is off before connecting power wire.
4. Plug power wire into the socket (The socket should be well grounded). Turn on the ‘AC POWER’ switch. Then ‘power’ LED on the front panel will be lit.
5. Connect RF input port of transmitter to the head-end RF output. Then ‘RF IN’ LED on the front panel will be lit.
6. Connect the optical output port to the power meter.
7.Connect RF test port to Field-intensity meter. Read RF level from Field-intensity meter and slowly adjust RF input attenuator is 20+5dBmV
8. Turn on the optical power meter and verify if the reading accords with nominal value of the transmitter.
9. Check the readings of LCD/VFD on the front panel.
10. If all items are all right, connect the necessary cables correctly, and now the transmitter can be put into service.