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mini optical transmitter

ST2600series 30~2600MHz
Direct Modulated Optical Transmitter
Technical specification

mini transmitter

Shunwei ST2600 series optical transmitter, adopt high linearity DFB laser, modulated directly. It can transmit 30~2600MHz digital TV, move media broadcast(MMB, CMMB)and satellite live telecast TV(DBS、SAT-IF)signal.
Optical operating wavelength of HDS-26D is optional as 1310nm or 1550nm.
1550nm optical transmitter, ITU standard wavelength can be selected, suitable for DWDM to realize network-upgrading and capability-expansion. It can work together with EDFA, YEDFA to amplify the optical power. It can be compatible with any FTTx PON technology.
ST2600 has various wavelengths and lasers to select.
ST2600-1-口口-A1310: 1310nm with cooling DFB laser.
ST2600-1-口口-A1550: 1550nm with cooling DFB laser.
ST2600-1- 口 口 -A15 口 口 : Cooling DFB laser, C-Band ITU wavelength adjustable.
ST2600-口口口-B1310: 1310nm non-cooling optical isolated DFB laser.
ST2600-口口口-B1550: 1550nm non-cooling optical isolated DFB laser.
ST2600-口口口-B1 口口口: CWDM wavelength non-cooling DFB laser.
ST2600 has multiple performances to choose, suitable for different scale network application.
ST2600-1 口口: 1RU 19" Standard frame, the working parameters of the unit is controlled by micro-processor. LCD on the front panel can display the working status and failure diagnosis. Standard RS232 communication interface, SNMP function. It is suitable for application of engineering degree.
ST2600-2 口口: Desktop, the minimum size in the field.
• High wide band: 30~2600MHz
• Suitable for Digital TV & Satellite TV application
• One fiber can transmit signal of 10 sets of TV, DTV and satellite TV
• HGHL DFB laser, can choose cooling and non-cooling
• 1310nmTX, output power upto 30mW
• 1550nmTX, ITU wavelength optional, apply in DWDM, reach network promotion and dilatation
• 1550nmTX can be amplified by EDFA, YEDFA to cover large-scaled FTTH , compatible with any FTTX PON technology
• Multiple performance frame, suitable for application of different scale network
• Excellent P/P ratio
• FTTH for Digital TV & Satellite TV
• Move TV media broadcast(MMB, CMMB)
• Other digital video application
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• Applicable receiver: SR2600A, SR2600P