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FTTB Optical Receiver

FTTB Optical Receiver Datasheet
1. Product Summary
SR1001M optical receiver is the latest 1GHz FTTB optical receiver. With wide range receiving optical power, high output level and low power consumption. It is the ideal equipment to build the high-performance NGB network. There are three models optional:
SR1001M/NC: The RFTV operating wavelength is 1100 ~ 1620nm.
SR1001M/WF: Built-in optical signal filter, the RFTV operating wavelength is 1550nm.
SR1001M/WD: Built-in CWDM, RFTV operating wavelength is 1550nm. Pass 1310/1490nm wavelength. Can be connected with EPON, GPON and ONU. 
2. Performance Characteristics
■ Excellent optical AGC control technique, when the input optical power range is -9~+2dBm, the output level, CTB and CSO basically unchanged;
■ Downlink working frequency extended to 1GHz, RF amplifier part adopts the high performance low power consumption GaAs chip, the highest output level up to 112dBμV;
■ EQ and ATT both use the professional electric control circuit, makes the control more accurate, operation more convenient;
■ Built-in the Ethernet transponder, support remote network management (optional);
■ With compact structure and convenient installation, it is the first choice equipment of FTTB CATV network;
■ Built-in high reliability low power consumption power supply, or select external power supply;