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Outdoor Optical Receiver

Two/Four Outputs Optical Receiver

Two/Four Outputs Optical Receiver
1. Introduction
Four outputs  AGC optical receiver is our new designed CATV optical receiver and this optical node adopts MMIC as the pre-stage amplifier and backward stage used GaAs power double hybrid module. Adjustable attenuation and equilibrium makes debugging extremely convenient. The users can also choose the module combination according to their actual requirements. 
2. Characteristic
-  High responsive PIN photoelectric switch tube.
-  Ten pieces luminescent tube can show more accurate optical power.
- Perfect Circuit design, the proceeding stage is SMT process and the backward stage is module amplification, which can ensure the optical signal transmission more smoothly.
- Double power output, high gain and low distortion.
- Optical AGC control, when the input optical power -9~0dBm, the output level keep basically unchanged and the CTB and CSO basically remain unchanged.